“Propitious” Diamond Jadeite Ring

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People of the olden days believed that “Word is singularly the most powerful force available to humanity”. This belief has since passed down to the present-day. Hence, it is widely common to see homes adorned with banners with the Chinese characters of 喜 (Happiness) and 福 (good blessings), to symbolise auspicious blessings to their family.

People believe that Jade, a protective stone, will bring harmony and good luck to the wearer. The designer weaves the Chinese character吉(auspicious) around the stone, exuding a contemporary touch to the design. Combining both symbolic significance and modern touches, to bring out the ethereal beauty of classic jade.

Item Number:JR18821

Materials:White Gold 750

Jadeite 1 pc
Diamond Round 174 pcs 0.79ct


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