Designer Series: The Guardian of Prosperity <p style="color:red;">“SOLD”</p>

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Once upon a time, there lives a mythical Merlion on a prosperous island. It spouts fountains of water around the island, nourishing every being and cultivation and so, the island enjoys peace and prosperity for many years. 

A well-wedged green emerald in the Merlion’s mouth, conveys continuous flow of good fortune. Its swaying tail illustrates the circulation of well goodness to those around, enabling the bearer to build favourable relationships and be blessed with abundance luck ahead.
Customisations available.

Item Number:SP18573

Materials:White/Black/Rose Gold 750

Diamond Round 218 pcs 1.10ct
Sapphire 3 pcs 0.52ct
Sapphire 125 pcs 1.40ct
Emerald 1 pcs 0.44ct
Emerald 2+2 pcs 0.44ct
Emerald 20 pcs 0.34ct


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