Designer Series: Loveme. Bee – Sunflower


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Flowers exist for bees’ endearing devotion,
Bees linger in presence of her scents.
The relationship between the flowers and the bees; a bond naturally driven, inseparable and unconditional.

“I listen when you thrum my blossom,
You linger when I yield in golden.
You, take me on your wings and bring me life,
I, sweeten your days with essence hive.”

Item Number:SR19485


White Gold 750
Garnet 19 pcs 0.63ct
Yellow Sapphire 7 pcs 0.08ct
Green Garnet 3 pcs 0.03ct
Diamond Round 80 pcs 0.52ct
Black Diamond 4 pcs 0.04ct
Ring Size 135

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