916 Gold Si Dian Jin Designer Series: Radiant Eternity Necklace

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Radiant Eternity
(Fortune of Three Lifetimes)

An artful testament to the love’s serendipitous sway, where fate’s facets in harmony display.
A unique design that with grace and finesse.
Whispers of encounters, three lifetimes confess.
In the dawn’s first light, in each sacred space, true love persists.
Its divine journey guided by stars, your heart it inclines.
This jewellery, a symbol of souls’ sweet bond in unity’s dance.
Hand in hand, forging future that gleams.
A radiant love, a shared timeless dream.

Item Number: ZC95095

Material: 916 Yellow Gold
Weight: 30.65 gm
Length: 494 mm

Product is available at HQ (South Bridge Branch).

Collection available at HQ (South Bridge Branch) & New Bridge Branch.

Our products are authenticated with On Cheong & SAO hallmark.


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